About Us

Our Company was founded in 2012 in Izmir/TURKEY and we are proud to serve you with our quality products for external markets in Izmir. Our production site is located in Işıkkent district of Izmir with a closed area of 750 m2 and a total area of 2000 m2.

What we Trade

In alcohol-free beverage industry; markets are looking high quality products, and reliable companies that can serve standart quality. Hot chocolates ( white, milky, bitter ), mochas, smoothies, milkshakes, fruit purees, coffee syrups, decor sauces, frappes and special beverages are our mainly production items. As we are manufacturing these items, we care about time and transportation. Our motto is ;

Do whatever you do:

At the right time,

At the right Place,

As fast as possible,

Without defect.

Also one of the biggest advantage is that; we can work private label for you. We can make;

  1. Brand logo design.
  2. Optimal packaging design. ( Metal tin box, Aliminum folio, Craft bag )
  3. Sticker design.
  4. Package design.

The main reason that Işıkkent district was selected is that the cost of transportation, raw materials and workmanship are suitable for export.

While we are producing our items, we mostly care about additives. Most additives are harmful to human health. Their quantity in formulas are very important. Like we mention; healthy product, compatitive price, reliable transportation is the main rule in export.

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