Product Details
Type Espresso ( Private Label )
Ingredient Arabica Coffee
Different Additive Aroma Caramel, chocolate, hazelnut, irish cream, vanilla, banana, strawberry, coconut etc.
Best Before Date 24 months
Storage Stored in cool and dry place
Dosage 12 g coffee, 200 ml hot water ( 90-93°C )
Aroma 1 Wine Acidity and Berry Aroma Notes and Sweet, 2 Medium Apple Acidity and Hazelnut and Chocolate Notes and Low Sweetness, 3 Medium Acidity and Balanced and Sweet Chocolate Aroma and Sweet, 4 Low Acidity and Caramel and Bitter Chocolate Aroma and Low Sweetness
Suitable Espresso Machines
Origin South America and Africa Blends
Roasting Degree 1 City, 2-3 City Plus, 4 Full City ( private label )
Brand Name Pais Vasco – Private Label Available
Packaging One Way Valve Packaging  – Carton/Bag/Box
Weight ( g ) 250 g – 500 g – 1000 g – 25 kg
Carton Weight ( kg ) 10 kg aluminium foil – 10 kg valve packaging – private label

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